Bill Conger – Nashville, TN

I decided to restart my lessons on drum set later in life, and being a non-traditional student, I felt somewhat awkward climbing behind the set again. Thankfully, I discovered Harry Wilkinson as my drum instructor.

Initially, I pursued lessons with him because of his versatility as a percussionist. Fortunately, for me, he had many other outstanding traits that demonstrated I had made a wise choice. He doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. He is careful to map out a plan of action that meets the student’s ability and helps transport him forward in his playing ability. He has an arsenal of teaching techniques at the ready so when one isn’t relating the concept, he can switch gears to another workable option.

The old saying that “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” certainly doesn’t apply to Harry. He brings a real world experience with him from years of playing in the studio and touring on the road. He brings his professional experience into the lesson that gives an insight many teachers can’t provide. He is patient, thorough and adaptable in his teachings. Even when I haven’t done my needed preparation for the lesson, Harry makes the lesson work in his creative fashion and advances my understanding further. While some instructors must teach to survive financially, you can tell Harry cares about his students and helping them to “get it.” Teaching isn’t a job to pay the bills for him. It’s a career he loves.