Cheryl Brown – Nashville, TN

Our son, Chris has taken drum lessons from Harry since the second grade (he is now a senior in high school).  Harry has nurtured his love of music with skill, patience and talent.  He has in instilled in our son the love of all genres of music, jazz, classical, rock, etc.  Chris’s first recorded drum song was “Pretty Woman” and this year he will be playing Buddy Rich’s “Channel 1 Suite”  in his final concert of his Senior year.  Harry supported Chris through two All State Jazz Orchestra try-outs (he made the orchestra one year) and has attended his shows at school, church and wherever.  Harry also encouraged Chris to play with the Nashville Symphony for a performance of the Pied Piper. Harry has always adapted his teaching to where Chris was in his musical journey.  While Chris does not plan to major in music in college, his love of the drums and all types of music will travel with him.  He plans to try out for various ensembles at college to help keep his skills fresh. We can never repay Harry for the time he has put in on our son, but we have reaped the benefits… and we’ll be sending a little bit of Harry to Miami University this fall, tucked away deep inside our son.

Cheryl Brown
Nashville, TN