Jeffrey K. Hitchcock, LRN – Nashville, TN

I began lessons with Harry in my late 30’s in search of a new hobby.  Have been with him every since (approximately 3-4 years) and seldom miss my weekly visits to the drum shop.  I really enjoy his enthusiasm and passion for drumming.  He cares for his students and sometimes arranges extracurricular activities including group drum events.  His teaching style focuses on technique, skill, and fun.  Visits usually begin with a technical lesson, transition into a good drum work-out, and end with song playing.  Most of the teaching material was developed by Harry himself including songbooks and music some of which has been recorded on CD.  In fact I have a lesson scheduled for this evening and am looking forward to the fond experience I have each visit.  Regarding price, I feel his rate is very reasonable and recommend him to anyone looking to start a fun, exciting discipline.

Jeffrey K. Hitchcock, LRN
Nashville, TN